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This EFT help page is here because I recognize that as we learn new techniques that help us open up to healing, many questions arise along the way.

Here is an opportunity for you to ask and receive.  Perhaps someone else already asked your question?  Look at the bottom of the page for what has been answered already. 

I will share my insights based on my EFT Master training and work experience.  Of course it is just my perspective, but it is shared with the intention that it be helpful to you.

If you have experience with any of the questions asked, please leave your comments.  Let's look at it from all possible angles and perhaps get closer to what is true for all of us.

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Questions and Responses from Others

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How many EFT Sessions in One Day?  
I have about 4 things that I need to do eft on. Can I do them one after the other, or is it necessary to wait a day between?

Finding my perfect clients and writing my tapping book. 
Two things. I am currently an eft level one, two classes away from my level two certification. I need to find my perfect tapping clients. One of my …

I am a student, passed my high school and I want to increase my memory and concentration to study. I have my exams and I am not ready to sit and study, …

EFT Left Me With More Mental Trauma 
I tried EFT for back pain and I ended up with more mental trauma than I started. I felt a tragic feeling of loss of my family and my self image. I ended …

Can EFT Help with My Nervous Problem and Heart's Desires? 
I recently came to hear about this buzz word EFT tapping.The thing is i have been suffering from nervous problem for the past 5 years.No medication helped …

EFT and Grey Hair 
I just wanted to ask you if ths technique helps to reverse grey hair because I'm too young.

Social Anxiety and EFT 
Can you please let me know how i can resolve social anxiety. I mean the steps and please provide some examples on how to do it. I'l be very very grateful …

EFT for a Better Financial Situation 
I have made some negative decisions that I am trying to overcome including financials - is it possible to use EFT for manifesting a better financial situation. …

Eft stopped helping me! 
Hi! I'm currently seeing an eft practitioner. I have cfs/fibromyalsia. Intially the eft worked amazing. No matter how many times We do diffrent tapping …

Can I use something hand held to help me tap? 
Can I tap using something held in my hand, as I have severe RA, & my range of motion is limited, plus I cannot get 2 fingers together in the suggested …

not one but 3 ...and more 
Hi, I hope to help me. EFT came in my way again in my life and I believe it can help me. My question is that I will try to solve 3 serious issues about …

Asthma and Fear of Healing It? 
I have begun using EFT to help heal my asthma, but I have discovered that I feel extreme fear due to this. It makes no sense that I would be fearful of …

Can EFT stop working? 
I started EfT with a practitioner over a month ago. Only a few days ago I saw amazing results. I have continued the EFT But my symptoms have all reappeared …

I had numerous emotional issues in past including misunderstanding with my parents due to abusive father, and then another issue was that my brother …

No feeling 
I have been tapping for about 2 weeks. No feeling or emotion is coming to the surface. Can you help me. Right now I am working on "Papa left us." My …

EFT Protocol for Psoriasis 
I just started to learn EFT by myself as I have a skin condition - psoriasis, and is already suffering 20 years. I tried different healings and therapies, …

Respected Madam I have mental depression problem, can be hereditary my meternal uncle use to show depression signals. i am on antidepressant and sleeping …

Looking for approval outside myself / worrying what other people think of me / negative self-talk 
How to love and accept and approve myself the way I am, and stop looking for approval outside myself. How to stop worrying what others think of me and …

antidepressant side effects. 
Can eft (acupuncture) help im my problem? I take effexor xr 25 mg and have trying to ween myself off, but as I reduce my mg (half of a 25 pill and then …

My Voice 
First I have not tried EFT yet. Was searching internet and came across your website. My question is how do I find my voice? All my life I have experience …

Mentally Doing EFT Tapping 
Hi, Can you give me information on mental tapping please? This is my preferred method. I have found some but none from Gary Graig, although I know …

EFT for Autism 
I have a nephew who is 6 years old & he lives with his parents away from me ... I would like to use the EFT technique to cure his disorder. He has been …

3 1/2 Year Old Kindergarten Separation Anxiety 
i hope you can offer me some advices regarding my problem. we just sent our 3 1/2 years old daughter to kindergarten and she is having a major separation …

Overeating Problem with Obsesive Compulsive Patterns 
Eloisa, first i just want to say thank you. i realize that you must stay very busy answering questions about eft. on my end, however it is great that i …

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EFT New to Me and Using it for Allergic Reaction to Kittens 
I have 3 kittens I have to nurse, Unfortunately I discovered that I am allergic to the cats and one of my side effects is asthma! Recently a friend introduced …

The Use of the Negative Statement Instead of the Positive in EFT 
EFT asks to repeat over and over the problem/trauma while tapping on the points. Doing this are we not embedding the negative emotion associated instead …

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