EFT Left Me With More Mental Trauma


I tried EFT for back pain and I ended up with more mental trauma than I started. I felt a tragic feeling of loss of my family and my self image. I ended up on medication to calm me. Why did something like this happen? I thought it was supposed to clear things out?

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Mar 13, 2016
EFT and "Abreactions"
by: Eloisa

You had what is termed an "abreaction" in EFT. This is when the tapping brings up past trauma in an unexpected and overwhelming way. All tapping is supposed to connect the individual with the underlying issues that are manifesting the problem or illness because that is what needs healing.

However, most of the time the trauma shows up in the individual's awareness in a gradual and more subtle way.

We are working with the mind and emotions and most of the time, we repress the difficult emotions and memories to feel safe. What happened with you is that you connected to the stuck energy (loss) all at once. This is a difficult experience since you are hit with what your mind had repressed or hidden from awareness before, precisely because those emotions did not feel safe.

If you had been working with an experienced EFT Practitioner, they could have helped you through the abreaction simply by tapping constantly and incessantly through all the points for however long it would take (10-15 minutes) to release the intensity of the loss that showed up. Since that did not happen, you may want to consider doing a session with a Professional EFT Practitioner to help you finish releasing the loss that showed up. All that emotional and mental trauma is what needs healing and is behind the back pain.

In order to clear the problem out, the conflict/trauma that needs clearing has to show up first. Once it does, the tapping clears it out. You never know what will show up when you first start on the issue. The one positive thing you could say about having the abreaction, is that the underlying trauma is now in your awareness to clear. For some individuals this can take many sessions to get to and uncover, and sometimes the repression is so well protected, they give up trying to uncover it at all, and so their issue doe not heal.

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