How To Be Healthy

Physical Level Perspective

For the most part, the recommendations given to us for how to be healthy imply only the health of the physical body. Therefore, our focus goes to physical means such as: regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet, taking supplements, getting enough rest, getting health check-ups, minimizing physical injury/hazards, etc.   

The underlying assumption when we hold a physical level perspective on health is that we are our biology, our physical body.

From this follows another assumption: the cause of poor health (i.e. colds, headaches, rampant cell growth, Alzheimer's, etc.) can be found at the physical level where the effects are seen and felt (viruses, bacteria, cell degeneration, physical pain, etc.). We look for causes in our genes, in our environmental interactions and in how we treat our bodies.

It also follows that our hope and faith when health issues show up has been placed on physical level interventions that act directly on the chemical make-up of the body, as evidenced by the billions of dollars spent on drug research,

But, what if these assumptions are incorrect? What if the answer to how to be healthy is found beyond the body? What if the effects seen and felt at the physical level of existence arise from the deeper levels of our being?

How to be Healthy: Emotional/Mental Level Perspective

Some people’s health is improved or restored when given placebos. This tells us that the mind and the power of our beliefs can influence and even correct physical effects.

In addition, the medical establishment is now recognizing that "stress" levels have an impact on physical health. Yet "stress" does not exist at the physical level.

Stress is not a thing that we can point to and say, "There it is hiding behind the sofa." Rather in particular situations, it is a feeling that can be felt or a belief that says, "My survival is at stake."

"Stress" is initiated at the mental and emotional levels.

Furthermore, EFT Tapping has numerous testimonials of physical healing resulting as a side benefit from the resolution of emotional issues.

The assumption from the emotional/mental perspective on how to be healthy is that biology responds to what the mind believes, feels and imagines to be true.

What we believe, judge, imagine and conclude is true, along with our emotional response to these perceptions gives our experiences their meaning and makes them "real" for us, giving instructions to our biology as to how to respond.

In other words, the information from our experiences and perceptions (which are personal and unique) provides information used by our cells to go into a "survival" mode or a "regeneration mode".

Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton and Molecules of Emotion by Candance Pert, are just two of various books that have come out providing scientific credence to support this assumption.

We give meaning to our experiences and make conclusions about ourselves, others and our environment based on our interpretation of the situations we we find ourselves in. Our beliefs and past learning give personal, and often subjective, interpretation to the information coming from our physical senses, from an external world we interact with

Once meaning is given and conclusions are reached, this information gets relayed from the brain to our body through chemical signals. These are instructions to the cells to make preparations for "appropriate" action to these perceptions.

In turn, this state of preparation reinforces our expectations of what is coming or is "out there", supporting the often subconscious interpretation that we gave initially. In addition to sending the interpreted information via chemical reactions in our bodies, we are also projecting our internal state back to the external world, via our heart center.

For example, we can feel when those around us are projecting peace and ease. We can sense when they are on "on edge" or defensive and guarded. We can also visually "pick up", when someone looks calm and steady or looks nervous, tense or unsettled.They projected without consciously choosing to.

We interact with each other and express our points of view and conclusions. People share how they see the "state of the world", how they see themselves and how they see others. All this is a reflection of our inner thinking and belief system.

Our inner state does something else that is very important in learning how to be healthy. It focuses and directs our attention and intention.

To say it differently, we will find what we expect to find. And not see what we couldn't possibly expect to see.

If we take a walk in the city at night, and our inner state is one of fear, this directs our mind to pay attention to certain people and places, dark alleys for example. It tells us what to look for when we see them. This also keeps our attention focused, but in a limited way, to what we can possibly expect from them. The many other possibilities "out there" are just not thought about.

This focus of attention and intention serves us like a spotlight coming from a watchtower at night. The guard, our inner state, is well trained to know what to look for. It will scan the surrounding environment looking for those signs that it is trained to find. But its range of visibility is limited, it can only see the area where our mind is focused on.

Having our attention and intention directed and limited by our state of mind is what makes our perception of the information "coming in" selective, subjective and incomplete.

This is quite a problem in learning how to be healthy. What we register as coming in through our experiences and our external five senses becomes just recycled information (beliefs,images, etc.) that we ourselves projected onto the external world.

Very little new information of how things really are comes in. We are not seeing things clearly because of this distortion.

The distortions persist and reinforce themselves forming a relatively "stable", yet very subjective pictures of ourselves, others and the world. Until we consciously question and refuse to believe everything we think about ourselves, others and the world, we remain unaware of this process.

When we are holding feelings and images inside that say we are unsafe, our perception gives us back distorted information that conforms to this perception and confirms that we are in danger. Information that negates this view is not seen or disregarded.

The confirming information that comes back to us triggers physiological responses in our body, preparing it for attack (fight, flight, freeze).

A mind that sees and feels itself constantly under attack will place incredible physiological demands on its body. The immune system will be constantly working to keep the body "safe".

This need not be. From this perspective, how to be healthy gives us a solution.

Holding and sending out images and feelings of love, inner peace and well being, will return a reflection of a benign world that loves us. It will guide our attention and intention to find that which supports this perspective. The results will be a biology that can then focus on regeneration and growth.

All life is strengthened and nourished by a perspective of love and peace.

How to be Healthy: Energy/Spirit Perspective

The perspective from this level on how to be healthy assumes that we are fundamentally energy or spirit. Our physical body, emotions and thoughts are forms of this vital energy: Prana, Chi, or Spirit. These are just a few names different cultures have given to the life-giving power supporting life.

From this point of view, energy or spirit is like an underground river and each life form is an expression through which the water surfaces. This expression gives shape/physical form to energy so we can see it as physical matter. The function of physical form is to conduct and transmit this current of life, serving as a conduit for expressing Spirit.

We are designed to transmit and expand this life-giving energy often felt as  Love. When we "get ourselves in the way" and put up resistance/blocks to this transmission by holding on to trauma, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, judgments and false images of ourselves and others, we are shorting ourselves out energetically.

Think of yourself like an electrical device that conducts electricity and transmits an image or a sound. Any type of interference or short in its wiring will prevent current from flowing and the electrical device will not work properly.

When we short ourselves out, we experience disruptions in energy or disconnect. Symbolically speaking we experience "dis-ease".

This disconnect can be experienced as a sense of separation, deprivation, stress, internal conflict or loss. The resistance we put to loving energy, blocks the energy flow of our true Self.

This resistance can take many forms. Most often it is a state of fear, non-acceptance or rejection, often because we have judged someone, ourselves or a situation "bad" or "wrong".

This interferes with the flow of life-energy which is always unconditionally giving sustaining, uplifting, accepting, unlimited, peaceful and joyful.

The resistance or "pushing away" closes the door to the free flow of love/energy within us. Holding on to fear, unforgiveness, and memories of "I have been done wrong", or "I have done wrong" puts locks on the door.

From this locked cell we see ourselves as victims (or perpetrators) and forget that we are the ones locking the door and that we can actually choose to unlock it and see ourselves differently.

These are the energy blocks that EFT aims at clearing to restore the energy flow that runs through our acupuncture meridians and energy body.

How to be healthy involves releasing our disconnect to bring healing to our mind's fearful states  in order to connect to our loving essence that keeps our energy flowing and our body in a state of regeneration and our mind at peace.

In learning how to be healthy we want to see our physical body as a loud instrument of communication. It gives us strong sensory information so we will hear and give attention to the corrections that are necessary in our energy system.

From this perspective on how to be healthy, all information from every level is important and "good". It helps us to address energy disruptions to restore energy flow.

Overall Perspective on How to be Healthy

Health and vitality are the visible, physical manifestations of free flowing, undistorted life energy within us. How to be healthy is simple, but may not appear easy. It requires bringing into awareness our resistance to unconditional love, so we can let it go and allow ourselves to accept the joy of a full free-flowing life.

If you find yourself with a problem, look at it as information that tells you of one or more energy disruptions. Be honest with your feelings and motives, and take responsibility for how you are perceiving the situation and how this is making the situation difficult.But stay away from blame.

Recognize that you could see it differently. We all have great imaginations, use this tool to offer yourself a better perspective on your situation.

Above all, be compassionate with yourself in the present moment. You are doing your best, given your existing learning. This is the best you can do for now! Release yourself from guilt and judgment of the past. This is an energy drain and you need all your energy to recover and heal.

Release others (include yourself) that have hurt you. Holding on to blame and resentment is also an energy drain. Untie the energetic ties that keeps you stuck in this pain. Recognize that they were are always doing the best they can, given our own limited perspectives. The key to how to be healthy is true forgiveness.

Please remember that you are never alone. The Creator of Life is within you filling you with life giving energy. Love is always available to you from within.

Trust and have faith that you are taken care of by a Loving Creator. Unlock and open the doors to receive this love and healing.

All health and healing is an impartial and unconditional gift from God, from the free-flow of life giving energy, Spirit within. How to be healthy is about removing barriers to the health that is yours by Divine right.

EFT is a tool that can help us find the answer to how to be healthy from within. It facilitates "getting ourselves out of the way"helping us to release the blocks to receiving what is already ours.

Health and Blessings.

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