EFT Seminars and Related Courses

Learning EFT is now easier than ever! EFT seminars and classes are offered throughout the world, online and in person. Some will qualify for certification in EFT and some will not.

I have offered EFT seminars in the past, but now only offer a related course for ACIM students or students who can do self-muscle testing called the Ramos Clearing Technique (RCT). I stopped offering EFT classes because full online training in EFT is available through the founder of EFT himself, Gary Craig, at his "Official EFT" website.

The Ramos Clearing Technique (RCT)

I offer, the RCT Course. This is an advanced technique that uses self-muscle testing, and works not only with the emotional level, but primarily with the mind level.

The mind level is where the underlying beliefs or  "tabletops", as Gary calls them,  reside. Official EFT targets the traumas that are the "tablelegs" to release these beliefs. With the RCT, we can release the beliefs/tabletops directly without needing to address the underlying traumas in depth.

The past traumas are looked at, but only to find the underlying false beliefs supported there. These need correcting or undoing. By finding and looking at these beliefs we offers them to the Light of Truth (Holly Spirit) in our mind for clearing.

Longstanding patterns to your problems can be addressed with the RCT because these patterns are formed by misperceptions coming from false beliefs about what/who you are (i.e. I am my pride, I am lacking in respect, I am guilty, I am not good enough, I am my self-image, I am a body, etc.).

The RCT accepts as its cornerstone the idea that we are divine creations of the Source of all life, God, and so created divinely perfect and as such, cannot be lacking in value, goodness, beauty, joy, peace, love, etc.

This is the Truth within that corrects our thinking and clears the misperceptions of our self, others, the world and God.

The degree of difficulty of the issue does not matter, since the RCT is based on the principles of A Course in Miracles which states there is no order of difficulty in miracles and that we are all entitled to miracles because of what we are in Truth.

EFT Seminars for Certification

If you are looking to take classes in EFT to become a certified EFT Practitioner, there are several organizations that offer training with certification:

  • Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) in association with Tina Craig (Gary Craig's daughter). Tina took over the training and certification from Gary when he retired.
  • EFT Universe headed by Church Dawson. When Gary retired he transferred his certified practitioner listing over to Mr. Dawson, This happened before Tina and ACEP decided to do certification. Mr. Dawson offers live training for certification with EFT Universe throughout the year.
  • The Association for Meridian Therapies (AMT) headed by Dr. Silvia Hartman out of the UK. Her training is online and with an energy focus. She is the only one that I know that offers the "EFT Master" certification since Gary Craig stopped offering that title.
  • Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET International). It was founded in 1999 and is a non-profit organization that promotes ethical practices and supports its members. It has a Executive Board that includes one of the original 29 founding "EFT Masters" certified by Gary Craig.
  • Other founding "EFT Masters" like Lindsay Kenny and Karl Dawson also offer training and certification in their own EFT type methods and call them by different names ( ProEFT, Matrix Re-imprinting) because they are not the "official" version of EFT as Gary Craig taught it. Google them to find out more about their EFT seminars.

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