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EFT seminars and classes for beginners are coming soon! Check back in a week.

What is available now is an advanced Course that teaches the Ramos Clearing Technique (RCT) which uses the ideas from surrogate EFT and self-muscle testing.

The RCT does what EFT does but targets what Gary Craig calls "tabletops" or the underlying beliefs and patterns that form the problem or issue that needs release.

This can be done because the traumatic specific events, which Gary Craig calls the "table legs" are the effects of the belief in ideas that contradict spiritual truth. Because absolute, divine truth is eternal, it cannot be contradicted nor opposed, and the effects are not real.

Using this principle of A Course in Miracles our thinking can be corrected so our mind can recognize what is true and what is false. When the muscle testing finds the false beliefs and brings them to the Light of Truth for correction, using the RCT, healing results from the release or clearing of the false thoughts. 

If you are just getting started and looking for training in EFT, or want to become a Certified EFT Practitioner,  go to EFT Seminars to find the resources for certification.

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Beyond Self-esteem

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"I bought a copy of your book... I just wanted to say thank you for writing it. I was pretty desperate to feel better physically and emotionally when I got it, and since, I've experienced profound emotional healing. Thank you for giving me the healing messages I needed to hear, like a kind, loving mother."

by Ilona Z.

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