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EFT Seminar on Basic Self-Healing Techniques:   4 Classes
Instructor: Eloisa Ramos, EFT Master
$79.95.00 US


By practicing EFT "tapping" on acupuncture points while focusing on the problem you will release negative emotions and experience emotional freedom that paves the road to health, happiness and inner peace!

The practice of EFT is a demonstration of the power of our mind at work. It is designed for beginners to EFT and gives you a starting framework for opening the mind to self-healing along with teaching  you techniques and tools to use during, after, or when experiencing difficult moments to release the emotional stress and overwhelm that can lead to illness.

With these tools you can improve how you feel and begin to dismantle self-defeating attitudes and release non-serving beliefs.

This course consists of 4 recorded weekly classes (Approximately 2 hours each) that will explore self-healing for health, abundance, happiness and inner  peace. EFT can help release blocks that show up as problems with: relationships, health issues, stress, fear, scarcity, worry, money, work, change, etc. 

We will cover: a brief history of EFT; how and why it works; why it is sometimes called an "energy therapy".

What you will learn: the EFT Basic Recipe and the EFT Short-cut tapping sequence. You will also be introduced to the Story Telling Technique and the Movie Technique.  You will learn how to "chase the pain" and do your own "Personal Peace Procedure". 

You will learn how to start clearing straightforward issues and negative emotions for yourself.  Now you can do most of the work yourself and only go to health professionals and  Certified EFT Practitioners for the tough issues. 

In the last class we will even explores ways to use EFT to help our pets, plants and those loved ones near and far!

These classes do not count towards practitioner certification.

The class links to access each class are sent weekly in a total of 4 installments via email. This gives you time to practice the previous lessons and apply the techniques.

Contact me with questions!

Class 1 of 4

Introduction to Self-healing with EFT Tapping

Class 2 of 4

Mind-Body Connection and Personal Peace Procedure

Class 3 of 4

Telling the Story and Movie Technique

Class 4 of 4

Surrogate EFT Tapping and Distance EFT Tapping

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Self-Healing Course: Basics of EFT

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Ramos Clearing Technique (RCT) Course

Instructor Eloisa Ramos, EFT Master

The Ramos Clearing Technique Course incorporates the ideas from surrogate EFTself-muscle testing and principles of A Course in Miracles.

The RCT is an advance version of EFT and saves time using muscle testing or introspection to find more quickly what Gary Craig calls "tabletops" or the deeper foundational non-serving beliefs, patterns, false idols, contradictions, feelings, emotions, misperceptions or "errors" that short circuit, limit disrupt and interfere with our energy flow so they can be released to open the way to the awareness of our inherent health, wellbeing and happiness.

This is possible because the problems/traumatic specific events which bring fear conflict and division, which Gary Craig calls the "table legs" to the "tabletop" are the effects of giving value to ideas that are not in alignment with spiritual truth. Because absolute, divine Truth is eternal, it cannot be contradicted nor opposed, and the effects (tabletops) are not real. The awareness of this, is a changing or perception and the release of the problem!

Using this principle of A Course in Miracles our thinking can be corrected so our mind can recognize what is true and what is false. When the muscle testing finds the false beliefs and brings them to the Light of Truth for correction, using the RCT, healing results from the release or clearing of the false thoughts.

The RCT Course is a recorded On-line Class available to you anytime with updates. Register here:

Ramos Clearing Technique (RCT) via the Coursecraft Site

If you are looking for training in EFT to become a Certified EFT Practitioner,  go to EFT Seminars to find the resources for certification.

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