EFT Learning
The Short-Cut Version

The tapping routine for EFT learning is simple. Below is the "Short-Cut Version" of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to introduce you to the mechanics of how to do the tapping.

Keep in mind that there are also finger points in the EFT tapping recipe that are not included in the tapping shortcut, but in my experience, the shortcut for EFT learning is just as effective.

However, please read about "abreactions" below. In these rare cases it is recommended you tap on all points and keep tapping until you come out of the "abreaction".


EFT Learning Step I: Gauge the intensity of the problem. The more specific the problem you are targeting, the easier it will be for you to notice the change. Find one emotion in the problem or the physical sensation associated with the emotion to tap on.

You will need to give the emotion/sensation a number on a scale from 0-10, before you start tapping. 10 being the worst/strongest it could be, zero being gone/nothing is there.

After each round of tapping(sequence 1-9), you will need to stop a minute and reevaluate the intensity. The intensity should be coming down by at least 1-2 points each round (if this is not happening, there are reasons for this and will need more advanced training). The goal is to bring the intensity down to 0.

EFT Learning Step II: Each round (points 1-9) of tapping begins with a "set-up" phrase like this at point 1(see chart below):

"Even though I have this____________, I deeply and completely accept myself."

You fill in the blank with word/s that describes the emotion or sensation you are focusing on. Be specific. For example you can say "Even though I have this 'fear of spiders,'" but if the fear can be narrowed further "fear of spiders biting me" would be better because it is more specific.

Here are some more examples of what to put in the blank: "anger towards my mother," "craving for alcohol," "headache on the front of my head," "stiffness in my neck and shoulders," "I feel worried that my son is not safe," etc.

EFT Tapping Points
EFT Learning Short-Cut

As we tap point 1 continuously, we repeat the "set-up" phrase three times out loud. Then, we move to tapping the other points while saying only a couple of words at each point.These words need to remind us (help us stay focused) on what we are wanting to release.

The idea is to keep our attention present on the sensation, feeling, or specific sensory information while we tap. For example, say: "this fear," "this stiffness," "this craving," "mother anger," etc.

For future rounds, you modify your "set-up" phrase adjusting the words to reflect any changes and using words to describe the issue as it is after the previous round of tapping.

Here's some examples: "Even though I have this remaining fear..." or "Even though I have this remaining stiffness..." The reminder phrase needs to change in a similar way: "remaining fear" or "remaining stiffness". When the intensity is even lower you can insert words like "little bit," or "small amount". You get the idea.

EFT Learning Step III: Once you have gauged your intensity and have the words to describe what you are targeting with the tapping, you start your round by gently tapping on the acupuncture meridians shown above.

Tap about 7 times on each meridian tapping point. Get a feel for how much tapping that is since your focus needs to stay on the emotion/sensation you are tapping. It's OK if you tap more or less.

Use at least two fingers to tap and follow the order shown below and on the diagram above.

1. Karate Chop (side of the hand in the middle)
2. Top of Head (in line with the center of your ears)
3. Beginning of Eyebrow (either eyebrow)
4. Side of Eye (ending of eyebrow, either side)
5. Under the Eye (below center, either eye)
6. Under Nose (between nose and upper lip)
7. Chin (center,in between lower lip and chin)
8. Collarbone (1" from the chest center,
directly below the collar bone, on either side)
9. Under Arm (4" below underarm on the side of body)

-This sequence, 1-9, is one round-

Now Let's Try the EFT Learning Shortcut!

Find something that is bothering you now or has in the past. As you think about it, notice how your body feels. Any sensations in your body? Any emotion, disturbance in your mind? Pick the specific emotion/sensation you want to target with the tapping. Notice its location and describe it. Give it an intensity rating 0-10.

Now start tapping point 1 while you say, "Even though I have this____________(fill in with your description), I deeply and completely accept myself." Say it two more times while you keep tapping the side of the hand.

Continue to point 2, repeating your reminder phrase and continue with the other points until you come back to point 1.

Reevaluate the specific emotion/sensation you were targeting again. Notice any changes and rate the intensity now. It is possible that the sensation changed in description and/or location though the intensity stayed the same. This is fine. We want to see a shift of some type. Tap on the words describing the changed emotion/sensation for the second round.

If the only thing that changed was the intensity, give it a new number and do a second round saying, "Even though I have this remaining__________(fill in the same description), I deeply and completely accept myself".

Repeat this two more times while tapping on the side of the hand. Continue to the other points, tapping and saying the reminder phrase.

After the second round, reevaluate again. What changed? Give it a new description and intensity number. The number should be even lower now, or some other shift happened. Do a third round describing the state of what you are tapping on, perhaps saying, "Even though I have a little bit of this__________(fill in), I deeply and completely accept myself." Repeat it two more times and continue with the other points.

At the end of the third round, again, re-evaluate the emotion/sensation and the intensity. It should be at 0 or close to it. If your sensation keeps shifting, follow it with the tapping. It may require more rounds. If your numbers have been coming down but are not at 0, keep tapping until you get to 0.

NOTE: If you stopped making progress or did not make any progress at all, please go to polarity reversal or self-sabotage. You will find an explanation of what may be getting in the way and suggestions on how to clear these blocks with this EFT technique.

I offered you a small taste of EFT learning. While 1-3 rounds can often clear many emotions/sensations, sometimes, clearing one emotion can bring other problems/emotions to your awareness. Pay attention and notice what arises within you as you tap.

The emotion/sensation you started will have changed, perhaps to a different emotion/sensation. It may be of a different quality or in a different location. Flashes of past events may have crossed your mind. This is a normal part of the process and important information.

This can means that the problem you selected to work on has more layers and aspect to it. Each of these aspects will need its own set of tapping rounds directed specifically to each of them, after bringing the current emotion/sensation to 0.

Take notes as these aspects show up or when you finish your round. But stay focused on what you started with in the round to begin with so you can bring it to 0. Jumping around to what shows up in the middle of the round before finishing what you started with, is not recommended for beginners.

The best time to apply the EFT learning techniques is when you are experiencing the emotion/sensation because you are already "tuned" into it. However, that is not always possible-- so, just set aside a few minutes of quiet alone time as often as you can during the day or evening, bring the issue to mind, and tap.

While the mechanics of EFT learning are simple and can clear many problems immediately, some problems have many subtleties and will need the longer version of EFT and/or more experience and training to clear completely.

EFT Tapping and Abreactions

Please use your judgment about the severity of the issue you are choosing to tap on if you are just beginning to try EFT tapping. In rare cases beginners can tune into a past trauma all at once and re-experience the past trauma with all its emotional intensity. This is called having an "abreaction".

While its occurrence is rare. I have seen three of the hundreds of clients I have worked with experience this. The abreaction shows up completely unexpected and so can be quite startling and terrifying just for that reason.

The subconscious mind which had suppressed all the emotional aspects of the trauma suddenly brings them up all at once to conscious awareness. This feels like you are reliving the past trauma as if it was still occurring now and is quite overwhelming.

If you experience this or see someone experience this, please keep tapping all the points you know to tap, consistently and continuously, until the abreaction is released and passes. This can take 5-10 minutes of tapping or longer.

It is helpful to tell yourself that this happened in the past and bring your attention to the present moment by noticing where you are and feel the position of your body.

It is also helpful if you will be tapping on a past trauma to make sure you are looking at it as if it was playing on a movie screen and you are in the audience watching, and not from the point of view of the one in the movie.

Here are the EFT finger tapping points to include in your tapping whenever you wish.  I recommend you include them for abreactions:

If you would prefer to work one-on-one with someone trained and certified, I do EFT on-line with Skype and Zoom or phone..

Here is a link to a half hour sample EFT session with Eloisa Ramos working with a client with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lyme Disease. 

If you would like to find additional EFT learning online or learn about EFT Certification, visit EFT Seminars.

As of June, 2012, Gary Craig, Founder of EFT is offering much of his "Official EFT" training on-line and free to the public. In 2015 he also developed what he calls Optimal EFT which is based on calling on the "Unseen Therapist" or Holly Spirit for healing. Training in this method is also available at his website.

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