The Ramos Clearing Technique (RCT)
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The Ramos Clearing Technique is a Course classified under Mind Power Techniques or Spiritual Healing Courses. It evolved from the use of surrogate EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and is founded on the following principles of A Course in Miracles:

  • We are all Spirit and part of the same Mind; we are One.
  • We are responsible for what we think, perceive and experience (the world is a projection of our mind, reflecting what we believe we are).
  • Only the Truth is real and cannot be changed.
  • "I am (whole and perfect) as God created me." Lesson 110 ACIM.

Self-muscle testing is recommended with the use of this technique to help find the subconscious beliefs that need to be corrected more quickly, but is not necessary.

Any other system that can give you an accurate answer to the RCT Flowchart questions will work.

By signing up below you will receive a free RCT Flowchart Sample to try yourself. If it is a good fit, the  Ramos Clearing Technique Course is in depth training along these line and is now available for purchase.

For $85 you have access to  full instruction using video, audio and power point presentations to make it easier to learn. You are given many examples of the RCT in action.

The free download below gives you a glimpse of what is possible with the RCT to experience the power of your mind in action, as we set the intention to release the false beliefs keeping us from living in the freedom of inner joy, peace and deep fulfillment.

Consider purchasing the Ramos Clearing Technique  Course where you are trained in two additional A Course in Miracles Flowcharts that do not need self-muscle testing for releasing fear and beliefs of lack.

The RCT Course also offers a RCT Flowchart that is the updated version of the free download below dated May, 2015.

The Course helps you with tips on muscle testing, noticing where your attention is, and on finding what keeps issues stuck which includes the protection of ego, body, separate will and pain body.

How and Why Mind Power Techniques
Like the RCT Work

Life experience is fundamentally a reflection of the truth of our eternal, loving, and perfectly free Spirit; or a distorted reflection of false ego beliefs of what we are as a limited human, personality/body that is born to die.

Spiritual or Divine truth is knowledge that is eternal, absolute, infinite, non-changing and whole, without separation.

Perception, on the other hand, is based on seeing parts, pieces and individuals as separate and different subjects/objects that are bounded and limited. Making choices requires judgment or evaluation in selecting and rejecting between bounded and limited things and individuals to associate with.

Our judgment is not knowledge. It is subjective, since it relies on personal interpretation and past learning which is incomplete and often inaccurate. Our judgments can never be absolute or eternal truth.

The best we can do with our perception is to align it with Spiritual Truth. A Course in Miracles calls this alignment true or clear perception.

Since the physical world is a world of perception, much like a mirror; what we see in it, is the reflection or our thinking or beliefs.

Our experiences in the world have no choice but to reflect back to us our beliefs. This is so because the mind and its beliefs are the causal and creative level. They shape, form and color our perception of the world.

Many of us have this upside down and are waiting for the world to change so we can change our mind about ourselves and the world. This can never happen. The mind must change first!

Spiritual healing courses or mind power techniques recognize that the creative power of mind is Spirit inspired by unconditional Love - God Mind. Our mind is creative because of this spiritual power.

So, it is our mind's thinking that we work with when we want healing, or release from experiencing lack, limitation, conflict, fear, loneliness, disease, etc. This is because we recognize our mind is the cause and the root of all our problems. The world and our experiences are only effects.

The Ramos Clearing Technique accepts that our mind is the only causal and creative level there is, and so takes full responsibility for the limiting and fear based thoughts that it made as a miscreations. Because the mind made them, it can undo them when it recognizes that fear based limiting thoughts are not in alignment with Spiritual Truth, and must be false. When it sees they are false, it can no longer believe in them and healing effects are the result.

All thoughts based on fear and limitation were made through error in perception. Correcting them clears perception and brings healing to the perceiving mind. This correction of misperception is the miracle.

Forgiveness is the choice for miracles, because it has the power to correct and heal our false thoughts when it recognizes that error is a misperception and not sin. 

That is what I have learned from A Course in Miracles.

What I have discovered using EFT and the RCT is that when our thoughts oppose, resists or deny Divine Truth, there is internal conflict and this shows up as a disruption or block in our Chi energy. It feels like we are swimming against a current because there is a split in our perceiving mind/self. The fear that shows up is that if we don't keep struggling and fighting, it will carry us off and we will die.

This is not true, but it feels true. Furthermore, we have made believe that the denial of Spiritual Truth is a matter of survival for the ego/body. So, of course, our mind is confused.

Techniques like EFT and the Ramos Clearing Technique help our mind to let go of the confusion that keeps us holding on to defenses that are a block of fear keeping us from trusting the Truth or the Current of Life (Spirit) that knows exactly what we need, where we are to go and provides for us.

What is required on our part is the willingness and faith to persistently seek the truth and bring our attention fully to the present moment where we can recognize the truth of our perfect and unchanging creation. This is where the RCT and other mind power techniques can help. 

The Ramos Clearing Technique (TRCT) Download, dated May, 2015, aims to help bring triggers and defenses like polarity reversal, split attention, dissociation, ego/body identification to the Light of Truth in our mind for release and help us live in the present moment. 

The RCT is not a tool to control "our reality"  so we can “get what we want” nor “change ourselves because we see something wrong with us”. This would only acknowledge that we are lacking, which is the false perception we aim to clear.

The RCT works at the level of the mind's perceptions by finding the misperceptions that bring pain and suffering and tell us what we are NOT, and then, bring them to the Light of Truth for correction so we can remember our inherent perfection as God created us. 

The foundation and center of the Ramos Clearing Technique comes from Lesson 110 of A Course in Miracles: “I am as God created me.” 

The healing power of today’s idea is limitless. It is the birthplace of all miracles, the great restorer of the truth to the awareness of the world.” Pg. 199 ACIM Lessons.

Background Story of the Ramos Clearing Technique

The story of the Ramos Clearing Technique began one summer after I graduated high school. I thought about my upcoming “college experience”, and in particular the moral challenges ahead. Desiring to always do what is "right", I wondered, "What exactly makes something 'right'?"

As I began my college experience meeting students with different backgrounds and beliefs, I asked myself, “How is it possible that intelligent people cannot come to an agreement on what is "right"?

I started looking at my own beliefs and also my choices. “Why am I getting up at 8:00am for a Calculus I Class, while my roommate sleeps in and goes to her 10:00am Western Literature Class? Was engineering so valuable to me that I was really willing to jump out of bed that early? Or was I doing it because my high school teacher and counselor advised me it was a great field to major in?”

I discovered that I had accepted my beliefs which directed my choices without question. I had not consciously chosen them, but had nevertheless, accepted them as true.

I saw how my life was run by these beliefs, much like a computer is run by software programs.

I observed that the "me" I thought I was, was only a mask I wore and acted out to fit into a mold of what I thought I should be or wanted to be like.

Recognizing that I was not my programmed beliefs, the question, “In reality, who am I?” arose.

This placed me on an interior path in search of this "unknown" self. Intuitively, I sensed that I needed to clear old programing and pay more attention to what I was accepting as true.

The attraction for me to learn EFT came from an analogy used to explain what we were doing with EFT that said, "It clears the clouds that hide the blue sky." or "It cleans the grime accumulated on a dirty floor to allow the shine of the natural beauty beneath to shine through."

This was what I really wanted: to know the shining truth that lay beneath the accumulated grime within myself.

I have used EFT and developed the RCT with this aims in mind: to bring all misperception of ourselves, others and our Creator to the Light of Truth. This includes disruptive emotions associated with trauma, and the false beliefs that give rise to them and which distorts our perception of what is true.

These false beliefs can be judged “right” or "wrong" and therefore can seem to oppose and conflict which is the division we see in the world as the projection of the the belief in separation: the forgetting of our perfection and equality as One creation of one Creator. 

Later as I cared for my children who suffered with asthma and allergies, and my mother with Alzheimer’s, I found it necessary to learn self muscle testing and do surrogate (by proxy) EFT, since they could not articulate their problems on their own.

I found myself tapping on their behalf for hours at a time and in an effort to save time, I developed “shortcuts” to doing the surrogate EFT which lead to the development of the Ramos Clearing Technique.

The intent was to save time which is an underlying principles A Course in Miracles which offers us mind training to facilitate miracles as a way of saving time in the healing of our mind: through the practice of forgiveness which connects us to the only real power there is: unconditional Love.

May the RCT Flowchart be a stepping stone in your journey to self-healing and self-insight. Blessings to all.

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