EFT Radio April to June 2015

With Eloisa Ramos, EFT Master

I joined EFT Radio Online in January, 2014, with the intention to share the learning and insights received from EFT tapping and the practice and study of A Course in Miracles.

Below are the EFT Radio shows April to June, 2015. They present topics which include, EFT tapping, interviews with other energy practitioners and learning from A Course in Miracles. What they all have in common is my intention and commitment to offering insight into the healing of our mind.

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Access Consciousness and EFT Tapping:

International Speaker Sylvia Puentes

April 24, 2015, 12 noon PST

What is Access Consciousness? What does it have in common with EFT Tapping?  Can they help us transform our life and the world around us?

Join Eloisa Ramos as she interviews Sylvia Puentes, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Author and Life Coach. Sylvia facilitates classes around the world in English and Spanish. She describes Access Consciousness as “A set of pragmatic tools and questions that empower people to know that they know and allows them to change anything.”

Sylvia shares with us how to “receive everything and judge nothing and allow everything to be.”  She also helps us to understand how to tell the difference between thoughts, emotions, and energies that are “ours” and “not ours” so that we release those that are “not ours” simply by the recognition that they don’t belong to us.

Sylvia gives us a demonstration of the clearing statement process in Access Consciousness with Eloisa, clearing for the benefit of the listeners too.

For more information about Sylvia Puentes visit: accessconsciousness.com.

Herramientas para Ser más conciente:

Sylvia Puentes de Access Consciousness

8 de mayo, 2012, 12:00pm PST

¿Que es Access Consciousness (acceso a la conciencia) y Técnicas de Liberación Emocional (EFT)? ¿Se pueden utilizar estos métodos para vivir nuestras vidas en un estado de abundancia, paz, amor, gozo y felicidad?

En este programa, Eloisa Ramos, Practicante de Tecnicas de Liberación Emocional, entrevista a Sylvia Puentes, Facilitadora Certificada de Access Consciousness, Escritora y Life Coach.

Sylvia enseña clases a nivel internacional en ingles y español. Describe a Access Consciousness como, “Un trabajo que ayuda a las personas, por medio de herramientas practicas y preguntas, a reconocer que tienen poder de saber lo que saben.”

Sylvia comparte con nosotros lo importante de elegir sin prejuicios para “recibir todo y no juzgar nada y dejar todo que sea como es.”

Hay discusión sobre el perdón verdadero, la culpabilidad, lo que es la “energía” y como buscamos soluciones adentro de nosotros en vez de afuera en el mundo.

Sylvia nos da preguntas básicas que se pueden utilizar para cambiar nuestro punto de vista y asi cambiar la experiencia que tenemos en nuestra vida.

Para mas información de Sylvia Puentes visita:
access consciousness.

The Ramos Clearing Technique

May 22, 2015, 12 noon PST

In the depth of our heart we all desire perfect happiness. But why is it that our decisions and the experiences they manifest are often filled with pain and suffering? Could it be that our choices are being directed by past unconscious learning that includes beliefs about what we are that are false? It is impossible to decide what is in our best and highest good if we do not know our Self truly.

Join Eloisa Ramos today as she explains The Ramos Clearing Technique and how it can help you disentangle from polarity reversal, dissociation, survival mode, identification with ego and body; and help bring your split attention fully to the present moment, where you can experience the wholeness and divine perfection of what you are in truth.

The Ramos Clearing Technique (RCT) is NOT a tool to control "external reality" so we can “get what we want” or “change ourselves because we see something wrong with us”. It only helps clear our perception so we can perceive reality and ourselves as we truly are in the present moment: complete, whole, loving, free of all pain and suffering.

The foundation and center of RCT comes from Lesson 110 of A Course in Miracles: “I am as God created me. His Son can suffer nothing. And I am His Son.” This idea keeps our attention centered in the present moment where we can connect to our one Self.

“The healing power of today’s idea is limitless. It is the birthplace of all miracles, the great restorer of the truth to the awareness of the world.” Pg. 199 ACIM Lessons.

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