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EFT Testimonials for Victim Identification,  Procrastination and Self-esteem:

"I am still amazed at the session we had.  Just wanted to express my deep gratitude for the experience. The fact that you have really mastered these techniques makes such a huge difference in the lives of those you touch, myself as well as others, I'm sure. Just wanted to say that I noticed a real difference in my relationship with my boss at work today.   I'm sure that a definite shift / transformation has occurred in me.  I was so impressed with our session and the work you do.

Thanks again,"



"Thank you very much, Eloisa, 

I really value your work and knowledge and intuition. A whole lot opens up before me (attachment to victim mentality, conflict between my desire to give (immense) and ability (limited!) etc etc. I will let these insights percolate to clarify the next step (most probably what is gained from identifying with not being loved) and reach out to you to schedule the next session very very soon."


"Hi Eloisa,

I really don't know how to thank you for our session the other day.

It's funny. I woke up the next morning feeling lighter than I've felt in years. In fact, I had a smile on my face the whole day. (Still do). That "tight racquetball of stress" has left my body.

Has anyone ever called you a miracle worker? Because I think that's what you did the other day; you performed a miracle. At least that's what it seems AND feels like to me.

I'm going to work EFT into my daily habits. I'll make sure to keep you updated. Thanks again for everything Eloisa."


"Hi Eloisa,

Thank you for the gift you helped me to receive last night. That is: working through the process for me to ultimately realize, through an 'ah ha' moment this morning while Katherine was storming around, that the feelings and emotions and 'state' I was experiencing was simply caused by my body's automatic triggering of its survival mode/fight or flight.

 I've included the journal entry I wrote. You can skip most of it but go to the bold part. THIS was my 'ah ha'. And it's helped me so much, even though Katherine arrived last night, and left again this morning, in the same exact state she was in Sunday night.

 Thanks so much.


My aha moment: The 'ah ha' moment I had this morning is this: this morning, while I was feeling all of these feelings, I realized - FOR THE FIRST TIME while ACTUALLY IN/EXPERIENCING an episode - that my entire emotional state was created, AUTOMATICALLY, and UNCONCSIOUSLY, by my body's PHYSIOLOGICAL REACTION.

The reason I was feeling these feelings was NOT because I was "broken", or "this is just the way I am and I can't change", or "my feelings are my responsibility and I can choose better feeling feelings, which means I'm choosing these painful feelings now" (which is assigning blame through judgment.)

No. The REASON I was feeling these feelings and experiencing these states is because my body's natural survival mode - fight or flight - which is programmed deep in my limbic system, kicked in and took over. And the feelings and emotional state I was experiencing was the result.

THIS IS VERY GOOD NEWS AND VERY LIBERATING. Because it means I'm not the cause of or to blame for these feelings, emotions and state. I - my experience - are the effect of my body's survival response."

EFT Testimonial From A Client with Environmental Sensitivities:

"I am really so pleased with how our session went today. Still saying, 'Wow' to myself."


EFT Tapping Testimonial From Insomnia, Adrenaline Rush and Heart Palpitations Client:

"Dear Eloisa,
Thank you very much once again for working with me on Saturday. I slept well that night and had a wonderful day with my family on Sunday ...I felt totally revived and grateful the next day. Thank you for your patience and for helping me to see and to work with the deep emotions around this issue...


EFT Testimonials From Clients with Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks:

"Dear Eloisa,
Thank you so much for our EFT sessions. I know the sessions are working because I feel so much happier now. This is the first time in four years that I'm looking forward to the Holidays. Thank you so much..."



I really feel I benefited from my session with you Wednesday. That evening as I went to bed, I felt as if my diaphragm area was free of any tightness and almost expansive, in the sense that there was no bodily form constricting me. Almost like I was "part" of the surrounding space. I realize that may sound strange but I felt almost as if I'd had a good massage, so relaxed, and calm. 

I also don't really have that image of the call from the nurse about my daughter's genetic results. I know it happened but it seems to hold no emotion attached to the memory.

Thank you,"


Hi Eloisa

 "I definitely think the sessions helped him (10 year old son). He goes to sleep independently now and is sleeping through the night. His fear about me getting hurt seems to have lessened too. I may be in touch again if anything further comes up. Thank you so much for your help!"


Thank you for the session with my son today. I could tell he felt more peaceful afterwards.

I'll be in touch to schedule another session.



EFT Testimonial for Grieving:


"It was precious time. Thank you for helping me through it...for helping me change this most awful memory into a sweet one. You are a great blessing to me..."

Elaine S.

EFT Testimonial For Severe Gagging Reflex:

"I have a very sensitive gag reflex and even under sedation, I gagged a lot during the impressions and it's uncertain whether I'll be able to get the bridges made that I need. So this is my most urgent concern (the bridges will be in in a couple of weeks and I don't know if I can even tolerate having them put in)...

I had my dental impression redone on Mon. SUCCESSFULLY. Since I was sedated I don't remember it, but I'm told I didn't gag at all and it took only one try to get a full impression. :)"


EFT Testimonial on Spiritual Path:

"I'm so excited after we talked and I got some insights. The last one is so perfect... I'm just so excited to get through that, and will move on next time. Your work is just a miracle. I'm very, very happy and excited with how much I have gone forward in my progress and my learning, and I do love that...I'm really happy. Thank you."

Allison A.

EFT Testimonial on Public Speaking (Spanish):

"Le cuento que mi presentacion fue todo un exito. Me senti como una "Talk show host" ya que camine por el restaurante haciendo preguntas al publico, asi como tambien los hicie que repetieran una frase que tenia preparada. Ademas me senti tan relajada que hasta los hice reir y sentirse relajados. Los comentarios que escuche de la audiencia fue que era carismatica, que estaba bien preparada, que me veia muy confortable, segura de mi misma, y que los materiales que les ofreci eran muy profesionales. En la forma de evaluacion que les di despues de la presentacion me dieron un "5" que era el maximo a la pregunta "Si les gusto la presentacion". Estoy muy contenta!. Para ser la primera vez en estar en frente de un public, pienso que me fue increible. Muchisimas gracias por la Terapia EFT... Otra vez, muchas gracias por ayudarme a dejar ir mis bloques de hablar en publico. EFT rocks."


EFT Testimonial on Family Relationships:

"I just wanted to let you know that it went well at my family Christmas yesterday. It's the most comfortable I've felt at a family gathering in years. I spoke to my sister while several of us talked as a group just as I'd hoped I have the opportunity to do. She seemed a little surprised the first time, but more comfortable later on. Thanks for all your help with my family issues. It's really making a difference."


EFT testimonial from a son living in another state for his elderly step-mom who had taken a fall and had very low energy and hiccups that once started went on for hours:

"Well, it sounds like it was a great ground breaker for them to have you visit with them and try to work on Nancy's issues. They were very happy about the experience and Nancy even got on the phone and talked to me for a few minutes. She had much better energy. Thanks so much for all that you are doing."


EFT testimonial for weight loss:

"Hi, Eloisa I think that the work we did the first week, along with what I have been doing all along, is working. I am starting to lose weight, am really getting into my diet and being creative about food. I have been working out regularly and have been visioning me at my goal weight. Thanks so much for your help. It seems to be working already!"


A couple days ago, before we had our session, I got ice cream with a friend. Tonight, I got ice cream again with the same friend. I said to her tonight while we were eating, 'I'm enjoying this ice cream way more than I did last time. I wonder why.'  And then I realized....there was no feeling of guilt that usually comes with every single thing I eat. This time, after our session, I was just eating the ice cream, enjoying myself, not even questioning it! What an awesome experience. So excited for the present and the future. Thank you Eloisa, thank you Self and thank you Higher Power!!!



EFT Testimonial on Self-sabotage and Fear of Success (Spanish):

"Te escribo para contarte los resultados que he obtenido despues de la terapia.
Creo que mis objetivos eran: 1. Pasar una examinacion a final de Febrero. 2. Dar una presentacion a mediado de Marzo, (Conseguir un citio para darlo, acondicionarlo, promocionarlo, preparar bocaditos y refrescos etc). 3. Organizar un viaje a Peru por 10 dias a comienzo de Abril (Alojamientio, citios para dar presentacion, promocion, organizar los grupos, ofrecer bocaditos y refrescos, hacer la propaganda via e-mails y coordinar con mi hermana para que me ayudara en los detalles, asi como actividades con mi familia et etc). 4.Por ultimo bajar de peso lo suficiente para sentirme confortable y que mi ropa me quedara bien ja-ja.

Bueno aqui van los resultados

1. Pase la examinacion a final de febrero. A la verdad no se como lo hice ya que era cualquier cantidad de material que tenia que estudiar, ademas de las otras actividades que tenia que coordinar.

!!! Gracias a Dios, los angelitos!!!! , EFT, visualizacion y meditacion ja-ja.

2. Di la presentacion en Marzo. Me salio muy bien, ganancias monetarias y posible negocios despues.

3. Mi vicita a Peru fue un exito con ganancias monetarias. Me aloje en un departamento lindisimo rodeado de jardines. Di tres presentaciones en forma muy exitosa. La gente les encanto. Ademas me salieron negocios y posible seminarios en el futuro. Mi encuentro con mi familia fue muy bonita. Me pasee, diverti y comi riquisimo ja-ja

4. Luego lo del peso baje todo lo que necesite para verme muy bien en mi ropa y al menos todos me desian que se me veia delgada ja-ja."


EFT Testimonial on Not Able to Connect to Feelings and Beyond Self Esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-worth:

"Dear Mrs. Ramos,

Thank you for all your insights on e-mail and in our telephone conversation.  You helped me a great deal.  I know this is unlikely, but if there is ever something I can do for you, please let me know.

I am reading Beyond Self-Esteem - Discovering Your Boundless Self-Worth and loving it.  Thank you for writing it."


Other EFT Testimonials:

"EFT is amazing! I was cleared of my sensitivity to Poison Ivy and the bothersome itching in minutes, over the phone!"


"I just learned the EFT technique from Eloisa and was able to use it while I was jogging to clear the cramping in my leg, without needed to stop my run!"


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