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To this day the causes of Alzheimers have eluded researchers who have exclusively focused on seeking for answers at the  physical body/level. Perhaps the root cause is not there, and we need to look beyond the body to the higher dimensions of our being.

I have been attending the annual Alzheimer's Association Conference in my area since 2011. Hundreds of patients with Alzheimers, family members, and professionals working with Alzheimers attend this conference annually hoping to come home with a better understanding of the causes of Alzheimers, and more importantly, news of a cure.

In 2017 research was announced that focused on early detection. The good news is that imaging of the Amyloid Beta Plaques in the brains of patients can be done now, and with very high accuracy. That had not been possible before.

Amyloid PET Visuals are available to the public and patients can have a PET scan done of their brain, but these are not yet covered by Medicare (Federal Health Insurance for seniors in the USA).

This year, 2019, the Alzheimer's research is looking for causes in diet, exercise,  social engagement, and cognitive activity as they relate to aging. The Pointer Study will see if a self-guided health program vs having a support team to help with this health program can slow or prevent cognitive decline.

But since the causes of Alzheimers has not been discovered, we keep looking for answers. I have found many articles promoting vitamin supplements and other natural products like coconut oil. While these can help, they are not reversing the illness, which would indicate that they are not addressing the causes of Alzheimers.

Having been a caregiver for 14 years for my mother who had Alzheimer's, I began to wonder if perhaps the cause of Alzheimers is elsewhere, and not where we are looking. For example, at first many believed that there was an aluminum Alzheimer's connection. This connection was researched but never found to be true and was disproved.

The root cause of the physical changes observed in the brain of a person with Alzheimer's has eluded us despite all the costly research done so far. Frankly, this can be said about the root cause of all physical changes that begin any illness. There are, and have been, theories as to the cause of Alzheimer's, but they proved to be inconclusive. All these theories assume the cause is at the physical level, but what if that is not the case?

Alzheimers Metaphor

At the May, 2012 Alzheimer's Conference in Sonoma County, California, Owen Carmichael, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, University of California Davis gave a talk titled, "The Pathological Course of Alzheimer's Disease: Why Finding a Cure Has Been So Hard.

He explained why it has been hard with this metaphor: imagine the Amyloid Beta production that leads to plaque aggregation (blocks information from transmitting) in the brain of Alzheimer's patients to be like horses running loose.

"You are a farmer. You leave the stable doors open. The horses get out and start running around. The horses trample your wheat. The horses scare your chickens. The chickens stop laying eggs. The horses also scare the cows. The cows stop giving milk. The horses eat all the flowers you are growing for sale. You no longer sell wheat, eggs, milk, or flowers. Farm income goes down. You fail to pay the mortgage. The bank forecloses."

He then explained how researchers looked at solving the problem of the "horses running wild" with the drugs they offer: 1. To close the stable doors, but its too late since the horses have already run out;  2. To corral the horses; and 3. To sooth the chickens and cows, plant new crops and flowers, but this requires taking out a loan.

To explain this further, closing the stable doors is like looking for drugs that can stop Amyloid Beta production in the Alzheimer's brain. The Amyloid Beta production leads to plaque aggregation which which leads to tangle formation, inflammation, excitoxicity and oxidative stress This is damaging to the brain; like the damaged crops, flowers, chickens and cows. This damage then leads to neuron dysfunction and death (damaged crops, loss of eggs and milk) which show up as cognitive loss. This is the reduced farm income. Then the farm goes into foreclosure, in other words, the brain function shuts down.

Drug research is looking for solutions to the damage in the brain which is equivalent to finding ways to close the door, restore the crops, flowers, chickens and cows. However, the question I have is, "Why do the doors get left open in the first place?" This is the root cause of the problem of Alzheimer's and it remains unanswered and not researched.

Keeping the doors closed at night so the horses don't get out and run wild is what is considered healthy. So what we want to find out is, "Why do some people's brain open the stable doors and then forget to close them at night, allowing the horses get out and run wild?

With this question in mind and having watched my own mother go through theAlzheimers stages, I have decided to follow my intuition and do a little informal  "research" here on the causes of Alzheimers, by looking beyond the physical level to the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Here is my idea which requires your participation. What I would like to test is the idea that the cause of Alzheimers is at the emotional/mind/spiritual level.

I saw first hand how difficult it was for my mother to express her emotions, and noticed that her "strategy" for dealing with painful events in her life was to "bury them" and do her best to forget them. She also held strong disempowering beliefs. I am proposing we share the emotional, mental and spiritual belief patterns of our loved ones with Alzheimer's .

As an EFT Practitioner, I have a great tool for releasing negative emotions. This tool, in fact helped my mother with some of her fears and anxiety (and mine in caring for her). However, by the time I learned it, my mother was in the "middle stages" of her disease and could not follow what I was saying. I was able to do some EFT tapping on her, but I had to use myself or my sister as the     surrogate.

I want to share my mother's life story here, in hope that you will also share your stories. You will find  links at the bottom of the page to my mother's story and of other's stories who have also shared.

I believe that in these stories are the threads or clues as to the cause of Alzheimer's. I know it is not scientific research, but it is my intuition I am following. What if the answer is buried in these life patterns and waiting for us to discover?

We Have All Wondered: What Are the Causes of Alzheimers?

This is NOT "official" research, but let's see what similarities or clues we find in each of the stories we share of those we know/knew with Alzheimer's disease.

Write what you know about your loved one's life here!

Don't know where to start?

First read the stories already submitted (see the bottom of the page). Leave comments! We love feedback!

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