When My Mother Was Very Young She Began to Bury Her Painful Emotions & Never Stopped

by cecilia Thomson

My mother didn't know about repressing emotions so she ignored, kept herself super involved and blamed high blood pressure on her problems. As a child she was punished for crying. When my father, her beloved partner died, she shed no tears. In fact before leaving for his funeral she announced to all in these words, "If anyone thinks they are going to cry, stay at home!" She spent her life living in this state. She was religious but only allowed us to pray for our souls not anything else. Now both my sister and brother live repressed lives, ages 71 &65. I am 73 and have been doing EFT for many years and have seen wonderous results. I do not believe in repressing, in fact I have a note book containing any bothersome thoughts that come into my mind and tap at least 10 away whenever I can. I believe that in doing so I shall never forget to "lock the barn door" BTW, she had extreme fears of losing her memory so the slightest memory lapse had her convinced of Alzheimers. Once her memory was such that she needed home support, I lived with her. My life was extreme as the fears of my siblings created energies which were not helpful in the least. As I had no support I only had 4 hours a week alone. In the end the stress created a heart attack which saved and changed my life. Because of this it made me even more aware of the benefits of EFT and how imp. it is to practice it daily. I have always believed that my thoughts create my world and now, many years later, others are beginning to see the value of such thinking and the practice of EFT. I could write for days, in fact I am writing a book which includes some of the above and many other thoughts
Keep up the good work, people are beginning to see the "light" AT LAST.

Cecilia Thomson
Moncton, N.B.

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Feb 13, 2015
Difficulty with Grief and Sorrow
by: Eloisa Ramos

Thank you so much for sharing. I would say that grief/sorrow was one of the most difficult emotions for my mother to process and release. But perhaps there were other emotions like embarrassment or shame around expressing or feeling grief. I don't know. Why was crying so unacceptable in your mother's family and also for her?

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