The Great Escape

by Samantha Howes
(North Port Florida)

The Doctors and Nurses weren't sure if my dad had Alzheimer's. Some said he did others disputed it. I really don't have to much of a story to tell as much as I had more of an observation. My parents retired to Florida and I would continuously hear stories of my mom verbally abusing my dad. He was orphaned as a child. Left at the hospital at birth, he was never adopted. My mother was his only family no matter what she dished out to him he took.
I started to think about all the elderly people that I knew who had Alzheimer's and I came across one thing they all had in common. All of them were spiritually abused by their partners for years. I started to think were these people escaping. Was it easier for them to escape into their own world then to deal with the emotions inside of them. Had their life become so painful that their mind protected itself. Which the mind is a great protector if we think about it.
I was very excited to see this page on my computer. This has been something I have pondered over for years. My daughter who teaches neuroscience totally disagrees with me. I really feel that you are on to something here. Thank you for your posting. I hope more is done into the research of this.

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Nov 23, 2014
Thank You for Sharing
by: Eloisa Ramos

Thank you for taking the time to share your observations. The mind can have very interesting ways of protecting itself that perhaps in the long term lead to disease. Of course the mind would have to believe it is the body, and that it is vulnerable to hurt and pain, which I would call a false perception, a term used in A Course in Miracles.

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