Mentally Doing EFT Tapping

by Bonnie


Can you give me information on mental tapping please? This is my preferred method.

I have found some but none from Gary Graig, although I know he used to teach it.


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May 01, 2023
Mentally doing EFT works
by: JR

Interestingly, doing mentally doing EFT works as well. I find it quite helpful. It is as effective as doing physically if not more effective than that.

May 03, 2013
Response to Question on Why More People Don't Do More Mental EFT Tapping
by: Eloisa, EFT Master

I think that many people would do mental tapping if they knew it could be done and could work just as well. Many EFT'er don't understand the role intention plays in how EFT works, they just know that the tapping works and may assume the physical tapping is intrinsic to it working.

There is nothing wrong with this view, in fact, Gary Craig always emphasized that the "how" of EFT wasn't as important as the results that came from doing it.

I happen to be fascinated by the "how" of EFT and because I have worked with other energy therapies, I can see that underneath them all is energy, and what EFT is doing is moving and transforming stuck energy with intention and focused attention.

Intention and attention is what drives/powers everything including EFT, and therefore, the mental tapping can work just as well. Energy techniques use the understanding of Quantum Physics and Chi Masters, but because we have been taught to operate under the mechanistic, Newtonian way of looking at the world, working with energy ideas is very new to most people.

For the above reasons, I would still recommend people do the physical tapping when doing EFT, especially if they are beginners.

The physical tapping makes it easier to keep your attention in the present moment and keep you connected with the body. Some of us tend to move our consciousness out of the body when we bring up traumatic experiences from memory and we need to stay in the present moment and grounded in the body to release/transform the stuck energy from there.

Of course if you can maintain your attention on the stuck energy/problem without the physical tapping, then mental tapping will work too.

May 02, 2013
So Little Information on Mental Tapping
by: Bonnie

Hi Eloisa,

Yes! You have helped me very much. Thank you for your reply.

I have another for you…. WHY can I find o LITTLE info on mental tapping? You would think more people would want to do this.

May 02, 2013
Response to Question on Mental EFT Tapping
by: Eloisa Ramos, EFT Master

I'm assuming that what you mean by "mental tapping" is doing the tapping by imagining the points being tapped rather than tapping with your finger tips.

I do this sometimes when I'm in bed and don't want to exert the effort of physical tapping. My understanding on this is that once the physical tapping sequence is learned, the mind remembers where the points are and you can then set the intention to have those points stimulated without your fingertips, perhaps simply by visualizing each point lighting up.

I believe Gary mentioned it in one of his EFT DVD Training Videos. It is completely up to you how to set up the "mental tapping". We assign the meaning to what we do and we can let a symbol represent a sequence of steps or anything else, if we choose. It is like an icon on your desktop that represents a shortcut to getting you to a designated program. With one click you execute a series of commands that would have otherwise taken you many more clicks.

It is also like doing an algebra problem. You let a variable represent something, it doesn't matter if you use "x" or "y" or some other letter to represent the variable.You decide.

For example, what I do sometimes is to "let tapping on my chest" equal "one whole round of tapping" on the shortcut points. This is convenient for me if I'm waiting in line at the grocery store checkout and I want to use the time to do some tapping. It is discreet and efficient.

Let me know if this was helpful or if you have further questions.

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