Asthma and Fear of Healing It?

by Raven
(Brecksville, Oho, United States)

I have begun using EFT to help heal my asthma, but I have discovered that I feel extreme fear due to this. It makes no sense that I would be fearful of curing my asthma. I was born very premature, which I believe is why I have asthma in the first place, but it doesn't make sense that I would be afraid. I want to heal, so why is there this fear?

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May 30, 2014
Fear of Healing
by: Eloisa Ramos

To find out specifically why you are afraid, you need to tap on the "fear of tapping to release my asthma". This is the first thing you need to tap on before you can tap on the asthma. If you lower the intensity of the fear of healing to a 3 or 4, you can then ask during your tapping, "Where is this fear coming from?" Then just keep your mind open without trying to find the answer yourself and observe what shows up as you tap. What show up will be connected to the fear.

You can repeat this process with whatever shows up and bring that down to a 3 or 4 and ask again, "Where is this coming from?" until you get to the bottom of the fear and then tap to release that.

In my experience, the fear of healing has to do with what we would be letting go of if the asthma heals. There could be some benefits to having asthma that you are attached to or it could be a part of your sense of identity. In this case the healing would be a threat to "who you have thought you are".

It's also possible that you are not wanting to let go of the belief that you have asthma because you were premature. This belief could be serving you in some way like giving you permission to feel sorry for yourself, or complain about your life, or a way to blame God, parents, self, etc.

If you have received benefits from having asthma, like people's sympathy, or being able to have an excuse to not do things you don't want to do, or see yourself in a particular way that you are attached you, you would then resist the healing.

These are some ideas for what could be under the fear. In the end, it's your fear and it will be specific to your experiences, but clearly, it is unfounded and based on beliefs that are not truth.

So,tap on the fear first to release it and then continue with the asthma or with anything else that is protecting the asthma from release.

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