EFT New to Me and Using it for Allergic Reaction to Kittens

by Wanda

I have 3 kittens I have to nurse, Unfortunately I discovered that I am allergic to the cats and one of my side effects is asthma! Recently a friend introduced me to Tapping (which I think is simmular to EFT) ! Now I would like to know if this EFT will help my allergic reaction and how long does it take before I will see any results ! I am very new to this ! How do I know I am doing it correctly!

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Nov 20, 2012
EFT and Energetic Reactions
by: Eloisa Ramos, EFT Master

When we work with EFT we recognize that everything is energy, and we are working to unblock stuck energy.

So from this perspective, allergies are energetic reactions where something is being perceived by the mind as dangerous. Somehow a miscommunication has occurred because clearly, kittens are not dangerous, and therefore, there is no need to “defend” against them.

But because your body is reacting as if kittens are a threat, what this means is that “cats” or “kittens” got inadvertently associated with something unsafe.

What I suggest you do is tap when you THINK of the kittens until you notice there is no asthma reaction; then tap when you SEE the kittens until there is no asthma reaction and finally, tap when you TOUCH the kittens until there is no asthma reaction.

We want to safely release the block or miscommunication that occurred that is giving incorrect information to your body about kittens.

Sometimes this is enough to undo the energetic reaction, sometimes not.

If there is an underlying event that remains unhealed where "kittens" got labeled as “unsafe” because they happened to be around when you were feeling unsafe, for whatever reason, the event itself (there may be more than one) will need to be worked through with EFT. This will release all the stuck energy found there so that the misperception of kittens will be cleared.

Here is an example.

I worked with someone that was so sensitive to cats that her eyes would start watering and itching the minute she sat down next to someone that owned a cat.

I asked her, “How do you feel about having this problem?”

“What I feel most is irritation at having this.” she said.

“Think back to a time you felt irritated in the same way this makes you feel.” I instructed.

“But I haven’t had this allergy all my life.” She interjected.

“OK. What was going on when this reaction started?” I asked.

She then remembered that early on in her marriage her husband and her would visit her in-laws for the holidays and they had cats.

I asked, if she had felt irritated when they visited.

She responded, “But my in-laws are wonderful people.”

I said, “We are not saying they are not wonderful people. Were you feeling irritated?”

She connected to feeling irritated that they could not spend the holidays with her parents instead of her in-laws.

She had not felt safe feeling irritated and so that irritation got stuck. Energetically, that stuck emotion is blocked energy in one or more meridians.

She tapped to release all the irritation around that time and not being able to be with her family and that released the stuck energy and information that had gotten the stuck irritation associated with cats. Cats were then the "trigger" for the irritation that was looking for a way out.

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