Can EFT stop working?

by Mindy
(New York )

I started EfT with a practitioner over a month ago.
Only a few days ago I saw amazing results. I have continued the EFT
But my symptoms have all reappeared with a vengeance.
I have PSTD,depression and chronic fatigue.
I hope there is still hope. The days that I felt pain & sad free were
Wonderful. I'm feeling really discouraged.
Thanks so much for your input!!

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Apr 21, 2014
Ghost Symptoms
by: Eloisa Ramos

Hi Mindy,

You bring up a very interesting phenomenon that I have seen and experienced myself when I first started working with energy toxins (allergies). I would do EFT and clear a bunch of issues, but then it seemed like they came back. Here is what I discovered.

There are some "toxins" that trigger polarity reversal in us and appear to "bring back" what we cleared. It is a really strange thing, but what I did was muscle test myself and asked if I was under the influence of an "umbrella toxin" (just a name I made up) to refer to a toxin that triggers this effect (sometimes they are environmental or food toxins and sometimes they are emotions or even thoughts that can trigger this reaction in us).

But interestingly, once I cleared myself for my reaction to the "umbrella toxin" the polarity reversal clears automatically and so do the symptoms that had reappeared. They vanish like a ghost that wasn't really there in the first place.

I have a page on polarity reversal on my website under "self-sabotage". But in my experience, the reversal took my attention into a place in my mind where there was just one negative thought after another without apparent end in sight.

Let me know if you'd like me to surrogately muscle test you and try to help you find those umbrella toxins. I do a free 20 minute consultation.

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