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I had numerous emotional issues in past including misunderstanding with my parents due to
abusive father,
and then another issue was that my brother was given better educations and schooling to me, and we have a gap of only 2 years..and never could find the reasons for this difference and in justice to me, and whenever i asked my parents or tried asking them...they got angry and condemned me..
and thereafter i lived most of my adolescent period alone..
is studied and went out for job after completing my education...but hardly met my relatives (who know about disharmony with my parents) and hardly met my parents and tried satisfying way from them...meeting them once in a year on some holidays..
AND THEN AROUND MY AGE 28, I HAD A RELATIONSHIP WHERE I LIKED AND WAS ATTRACTED TO SOMEONE VERY INTENSELY AND IT did not work out and she moved on in my life...that was never a mistrust but it left me very empty as i did not had my friends or parents at that time and felt very lonely in life...

but i do not know what caused me auto immune disorder which parlysed me at age of 35 and i am paralyzed from my left leg and can walk with support..

how to know what is my core problem which could have paralyzed so that i can practice EFT on i understand auto immune disorder is one's anger to himself

please help and advice,


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Apr 15, 2014
Healing Power of Forgiveness and Love
by: Anonymous

What I hear is that you have been feeling "unsupported" by your family and perhaps hold blame (you used the word injustice) to your brother getting a better education to "move forward". These could be issues associated with the problem with your leg.

The autoimmune is associated with feelings of danger or lack or safety, with a need to defend and protect, but the "enemy" is seen as us, not outside of us.

The issue is that all resentment, blame and unforgiveness we hold against others, is really a self-attack, because in truth we are all one; connected and whole (this would also contribute to your feeling lonely and separated). So, what we perceive in others we will also be applying to ourselves, subconsciously of course.

I suggest you focus the tapping on the resentments or feelings that you were unjustly treated by family to release the feelings of having been "victimized" and help bring forgiveness and peace to your mind and open your heart to the healing power of Love.

Also please listen to the radio programs I have listed under the Eloisa Ramos Media tab for A Course in Miracles. There is one specifically for "Feeling Lonely" and one on "Forgiveness".

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