EFT for Autism

I have a nephew who is 6 years old & he lives with his parents away from me ... I would like to use the EFT technique to cure his disorder. He has been diagnosed with Autism & though he is good with his academics ... he cannot communicate like a normal child can ...

I would want him to be perfectly normal so that he can lead a perfectly happy life along with his family ...

Would like to know if i can give him EFT from a different city as me and my brother live in seperate cities.

Also my brother n sister in law both do not believe in spiritual healing but I do & my nephew is too young and also cannot comprehend things normally, so I would like to do it for him.

Please help

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Mar 18, 2019
Autism, Allergies, Birth Trauma
by: Eloisa

Thank you for the referral to the article on Autism at Gary's site. I read the article and have also noticed autistic symptoms with my son who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 6 years ago. My son also had the umbilical chord wrapped around his neck and his heart would stop on the contractions as he was being pushed out of the birth canal. All of my husbands family has allergies and my family has some too. My son did not show allergies but his siblings had many allergies including Asthma. I believe there is some link there and yes the tapping does help.

Feb 07, 2019
EFT and Autism
by: Fiona

Hi. I invite you all to read a wonderful article about tapping for Autism By Steve Botuchis on Gary Craig's website www.emofree.com. Eft can certainly help.

Sep 23, 2016
Abreaction ? Wanting Healing is not Rejection
by: Eloisa

Thank you for expressing your views. I welcome them.

I am sorry that in your experience EFT was not helpful. You appear to have had an abreaction which can be triggered by the tapping.

An abreaction is rare but happens without warning, and the person connects and relives the core trauma that is at the root of the issue being tapped on.

This is a very intense and frightening thing, since it is reliving the memory of the trauma that the individual had forgotten or disconnect from precisely because it was so traumatic.

Abreactions cannot be predicted ahead of time.

I've seen it only a couple of times in my practice and the tapping then has to be continued without stop until the client comes out of it.

I don't know if you were with a practitioner or tapping by yourself but the tapping itself gets you out of it if you keep tapping on all the points for as long as it takes to release the intensity that you connected to.

I understand that for a beginner this can be alarming and can see why you recommend not to do the EFT.

But I want to be clear on some of your other points.

Because we are wanting an autistic child/adult to heal, does not mean we are rejecting the individual and don't love or affirm them in their condition.

The best we can do for everyone, irregardless of their health condition, is to love them!

But I am not confusing the person suffering with the condition, with the health condition itself. In the case of my friend's son with autism, he developed autism after age two. So, what is the autism doing there? If he did not have autism before age two, why should he have it after age two?

Healing is not about taking anything away. It is about recognizing that health reflects the truth of our true nature. Our true nature is beyond comparison and beyond judgment because it resides at the spiritual level where there is no separation and so everything exists in oneness or joined.

Healing has nothing to do with making someone "normal" since illness has not made them abnormal. Those judgments are based on perception and perception is not spiritual truth because it changes.

All standards used for comparison and judgment are made up and are subjective and personal. That is why we can see things differently because we are not dealing with the absolute truth of what we are.

In truth, life is spirit/energy and is eternal. We that share in life, must be eternal too. So, even though we have a body and have physical experiences we are not that.

There is no real difference in identity between someone that is sick and someone that is not. I have not stopped being myself irregardless of the health conditions I experience. Experiences don't change the essence of what we are, the body and personality perhaps can change, but not spirit. This essence is constant and non-changing.

When we can recognize the truth of our divinely perfect nature, the world and our body will have to reflect that, because it is our beliefs that get reflected back in our experiences.

If we are sick, it only means we believe we are something that can get sick and die, a body, and so we are believing that life is not eternal and that is the experience that we will make for ourselves.

There is nothing wrong or right about any of that. It is about whether we are happy with our experiences and weather we recognize we have the choice and power to change them.

Jul 30, 2016
Dont do it!
by: Becky

Autism is not something you can just take away, he will never benormal to your standards, embrace him ho he is and welcome his differences, as for EFT dont do it. I have aspergers as well as PTSD and was introduced to EFT to address my PTSD and idue to the autism I entered what thy claimed was a "Deeper state of autism". Most autistic people dont deal with eue contact so that method is out the window, so its believed that is why they opt for the tapping method. However what do autistic people do to feel calm,they use repetative movements, such as tapping etc to enter a deeper state to cope with what is going on around them. In my particular situation I went from being able to communicate to some degree to having no speech and in a constant trance like state. Stop trying to think you can cure him and welcome his autism. Learn to adapt to his needs and stop teyinf to fit him in your world, he doesnt need a cure, he needs understanding, love and conpassion. They are the only things that will bring out any potential in him.

Jul 22, 2013
Autistic Child
by: Eloisa Ramos, EFT Master

I'm glad you found my comments helpful. Since I posted last, I've had a chance to work with a friend's autistic 14 year old boy when I visited with them. He was visibly upset (restless, anxious and whinny) because he had a stuffed up nose and couldn't breath well, though he kept trying to get air through his nose.

I just acknowledged what I saw, that it felt terrible to have a stuffed-up nose and he agreed and repeated the world "terrible". We were able to do 2-3 rounds of EFT tapping on the word "terrible". He mimicked me and followed what I did and said.

He released the stress around trying to force air up his nose; was visibly much more relaxed and forgot about the stuffy nose. He was also breathing better and he went about the house without whinnying to his mom.

I told his mom that she could do just what I did with him every time she noticed he was upset. I had been tapping with Mom, since she was working through some depression with regards to having to raise her son without outside help his summer and related issues.

I feel that it is very helpful for an autistic child to have someone that accepts their behavior and emotions without judgement and helps them learn to tap when they are upset so they can see that they can also help themselves.

To know that someone else understands your feelings when you cannot communicate them verbally has to mean a lot to an autistic child, and to anyone really. It helps us feel understood and therefore accepted and loved when we are unsure of the fact that we are completely loveable and loved.

Jul 22, 2013
Accepting An Autistic Child
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Eloisa, for your extremely wise comments on trying to make an autistic child "normal" -- when we point fingers at trying to "cure" the autistic individual, there are three fingers pointing back at us...thank you so much for pointing that out -- autism rights now!!

Mar 12, 2013
EFT For Autism
by: Eloisa Ramos, EFT Master

I feel your good intentions here. Let me just clarify something about EFT. EFT is NOT a cure. It is a tool that can be used to tap into and support the natural healing ability that is within us all. We were all created with this gift to heal ourselves and what we are doing with EFT is using it to “get out of the way” of this natural process.

When we use EFT to release stressful emotions and traumas we are allowing the body to go into its natural regeneration and growth mode. According to Bruce Lipton in “Biology of Belief” the cells in our body are either in a stress/defense mode or peace/regeneration mode.

From this point of view we cannot heal others, only ourselves. What we do when we use surrogate tapping for others is that we recognize that we are all one in that we were all created by the same Creator and offer energetically, or you could say in Spirit, the healing that we have received.

Having said this, try doing surrogate tapping for your nephew around possible blocks to communication. Perhaps, he is not feeling safe to express or communicate his truth? You would need to use your intuition or surrogate muscle testing to try to guess what the underlying issues might be.

Also, I suggest you tap on what you said, “I … want him to be perfectly normal so that he can lead a perfectly happy life.” These perceptions are assuming he cannot be perfectly happy unless he can communicate like most other people and that “normal” is perfection. You need to be able to see him as perfect already in order to help him see himself that way and have that reflected in his communication.

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