Dealing with Chronic Pain

by Nalani
(Bronx, New York)

Greetings Eloise,
My name is Nalani and I am dealing with a serious right foot chronic pain issue (left foot numbness) related to a childhood spinal surgery, for which an outpatient surgery (done in 2020), and then another major reconstructive surgery (done in 2021), was performed, supposedly, to address this chronic foot pain issue. I was informed I had a structural spinal issue--commonly called flat back--due to the childhood surgery, and that the foot pain was due to a pinched nerve in the spine area. Although, the structural issue was equally important, and I desired to correct that as well, it was the chronic foot pain, of course, that I sought to obtain relief from, and assumed the 2021 reconstructive surgery would address, however, it did not address it, and I've been suffering with this chronic pain for the past 4 going on 5 years and it's causing me a tremendous amount of AGONY! I need to find out whether or not a pinched nerve is the actual source of my pain, OR if the source is something else, and how to get relief and alleviate it. Are you able to help me determine whether the source/origin of my pain is truly a pinched nerve or if the source is something else?

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Mar 05, 2024
Source of Pain
by: Eloisa

Thank you for your question. From an EFT perspective, the cause or source of any problem including pain is the mind's beliefs and stuck emotions.

From reading the information you provided it sounds like you are believing the body as a structure is both cause and effect of the pain you experience. This can't be true. The power for manifesting experience is in the mind. The brain is not the mind because the brain is an organ that is part of the body and is matter.

Mind is decision-making about what I want to believe I am, the world is, life is, etc. It sets up the parameters for how we see our self and what we believe we are as consciousness or created by a higher power we call God, etc.

The physical symptoms are a metaphor for how the mind is seeing itself: abandonment in AGONY unable to offer support to it's self, perhaps. Which is where the tapping could start, and then see what is associated to that meaning to continue the tapping.

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