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by Angelos

I hope to help me. EFT came in my way again in my life and I believe it can help me. My question is that I will try to solve 3 serious issues about me and I do not know how to do it. How to schedule them. I think when I've tried in the past I started to mixing different issues in the same session and without improvement I finally rejected the method.

If you could help me on this I will be gratefull.

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Jun 21, 2014
How to Work with More Than One Serious Issue
by: Eloisa Ramos

Yes, it can be frustrating working with more than one serious issue because they can get tangled up. You can tap on the feelings associated with getting them mixed up and not getting results. That is a layer that will get in the way.

But what I suggest is to keep written notes when you are doing the EFT tapping and working on each issue so you can begin to distinguish the theme of the emotional patterns underlying each one.

To begin with, focus on one issue only and ask, "How do I feel having this issue, this particular type of issue?" In other words, "How does it make me feel having it?" This question is NOT asking about how the symptoms feel due to this issue, but rather how are you perceiving or judging someone, yourself in this case, who has this type of problem.

Write down your answer as thoroughly as possible. Ask the same question for each of the other problems. Now, notice which of the three issues is most pressing and intense. Work on this one first. Start by tapping on the answer you gave to the questions above, pay attention as you tap as to what else is connected and showing up as you tap. Write those things down at the end of each round. Keep track of the intensity before each round and after, so you can bring each thing you work on down to zero.

The past trauma events connected to the issue will come to mind as you tap and you will need to go to each one and do tapping on them. Start with the one that is most intense and continue until there is no intensity in any of them. Keep testing to see if your symptoms are changing, if they are, then you are on the right track and keep at it.

Keep in mind that the symptoms may seem to worsen in some cases because you are stirring up the issues underlying them, that just means you are on the right track. Also, notice when it doesn't feel safe to release what you are tapping on and when you cannot accept yourself in the set-up statements, that will block progress if you don't address it.

Then do the same for the others. There is no way to know how much is hidden under each issue, so it's like pulling on a piece of yarn hidden under a sofa and you keep pulling and tapping until there is no more yarn.

You may want to consider getting help from a qualified EFT Practitioner to get you started and then you can do your own tapping and then get help only when it gets complicated for you.

EFT tapping is like any other skill, it takes practice to get better and better at it.

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