No feeling

by Victoria Wiley
(Lynchburg, Virginia)

I have been tapping for about 2 weeks. No feeling or emotion is coming to the surface. Can you help me. Right now I am working on "Papa left us." My father committed suicide when I was 10. Why do I feel nothing?

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Feb 25, 2014
Hidden Feelings
by: Eloisa Ramos

Ok, let's work with what you wrote to explore your feelings. This is the issue that you will be tapping on: What prompted you to contact me after you saw that "no feelings came up"and the tapping did not help? Think about this question and write your answer down. You can send me your response if you like. Your feelings are going to be embedded in your answer to my question.

The words in your answer will have energy or intensity. If you sense the energy or intensity in the words you wrote down, it helps to say them out loud or listen to yourself perhaps while looking at a mirror when you do, that energy is the feelings.

You may not be able to give words or identify the emotions by name, but the intensity around the words is what you are connecting to and what you want to target with the tapping.

Whatever showed up for you here is a layer of energy or emotion connected to the issue you are attempting to resolve. You can't get to the feelings in "Papa left us" because there is a layer above it that needs clearing first.

So notice how that intensity in your response to my question is showing up, tap on that (i.e. the tightness in my stomach, or this sense of foreboding in the back of my mind, or this fearful thought that I am dead, etc.).

Give the intensity a number 0-10 and then tap specifically focusing your attention on that sensation and then evaluate the intensity after one round of tapping and continue.

You should be able to notice a change, but you have to look at the exact same thing you started with to notice the change. If you look at something different, you won't see the change.

Also, when you say, "It's like I am dead inside." That is a feeling/s expressed metaphorically. So, you can use that metaphor and tap on it, "I am dead inside", to see it shift after each round. The changes are equivalent to the intensity numbers changing.

Another possibility is that the memory is putting you in survival mode (fight, flight or freeze). The tapping would then have to focus on that state to get you out of that mode, so you can feel safe to feel the emotions that are there.

I'm also available for a free 20 minute, no obligation consultation if the above doesn't take care of the problem. Feel free to call me (707) 837-5134.

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