Can EFT Help with My Nervous Problem and Heart's Desires?


I recently came to hear about this buzz word EFT tapping.The thing is i have been suffering from nervous problem for the past 5 years.No medication helped me out.Is it possible that i will be recovered by EFT tapping and can all the heart's desire be fulfilled using this tapping practice?

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Mar 13, 2016
Is EFT Magic or a Tool in Self-healing and Self-insight?
by: Eloisa

Thank you for contacting me with your question.

When we understand that the mind is the causal of creative level of everything we see and experience at the physical level, we can see why EFT, if applied correctly can help to open the mind to healing.

Our inherent nature is always offering us healing. When there is illness, there are blocks that are getting in the way of that natural process.

EFT tapping works with the emotions and beliefs entangled in the issue that are blocking the energy flow or life force that would otherwise keep the body healthy. EFT addresses the emotional level and mental level where the cause of all problems reside.

It is possible that EFT can help you, but you will need to work with an experienced practitioner or take the time to learn the EFT tapping yourself and learn it well to get to the underlying issues of your nervous problem and release all that is there.

EFT in not a star that makes all our wishes come true. It is a tool that we can use to come to understand that it is the inherent creative power of our mind that is at work and brings us everything that we see and experience. When we understand this, we begin to take responsibility for what we think and believe and therefore, see we are never victims and accept our place as co-creators in the physical experience we call the world.

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