The Use of the Negative Statement Instead of the Positive in EFT

by Donatella

EFT asks to repeat over and over the problem/trauma while tapping on the points. Doing this are we not embedding the negative emotion associated instead of removing it? Thank you

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Feb 09, 2013
How to Incorporate the Positive Statements with EFT
by: Anonymous

The positive statements are not an "Official Part" of EFT, however, I do use them in the following way: bring the negative problem you are tapping on to a 0 and them begin to use positives. If you use an intensity scale from -10 to 0 to 10+ (where the negative numbers reflect the negative problem/feeling)once you bring down the intensity to 0, start a new round with a positive word or statement that would reflect the positive side of what you just cleared. For example if you released a fear of "getting in trouble", you can then add the positives like "people accept me", "people want what is best for me", "people have good intentions" etc., and do enough rounds to raise the numbers into the positive range of 7+ or more. Dr. Silvia Hartman, my EFT Master Trainer, calls the 7+ range a "healing event".


Eloisa Ramos, EFT Master

Jan 31, 2013
With thanks
by: Anonymous

Thanks Donatella & Eloisa

I had exactly the same question after experiencing EFT and became uncomfortable with the idea of embedding negativity/trauma in my system. I still wonder how a person can learn the positives using EFT, I know you mention Eloisa that we are whole as we are, but what if the system has not experienced positivity (eg a healthy self-esteem), can a person's system be taught to experience this?

Thank you

Nov 15, 2012
Why EFT Uses the Negative Statement When Tapping
by: Eloisa Ramos, EFT Master

EFT is not intended for the use of installing or "tapping in" positive affirmations. Though some EFT practitioner use positive statements (I use them sometime too) while doing tapping, it is not a part of "Official EFT" as Gary Craig taught it.

There is a very good reason for using the negative. The intent of EFT is to help release energy blocks in the meridian system. The energy blocks show up when we focus on the negative statement.

We are looking to bring up the energy disruption while we tap to be able to release it. Since the negative statement is the statement that has the negative emotions associated with it and which in turn, are disrupting the energy system, we purposely want to use the negative statement.

Trying to do positives with EFT is not going to be effective if the underlying negative emotions and beliefs associated with the problem are not released.

Hypnotherapy erases the negative first before installing the positive in its place.

In EFT, the positive is not deemed necessary to install because it is recognized that we are already whole, healthy and complete as we are created, and what we are releasing is what has accumulated that hides or blocks that.

By default problems are negative.

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