3 1/2 Year Old Kindergarten Separation Anxiety

by Aura

i hope you can offer me some advices regarding my problem.

we just sent our 3 1/2 years old daughter to kindergarten and she is having a major separation anxiety problem. it has been 2 weeks and she will cry every morning and begging us not to send her to school. sometimes she is so stress out that she vomit at the school entrance and at night, when she thinks about school.

i tried to do eft on her on the way to the school or at night, but it doesn't work. i even try to do surrogate eft to her but she is still scared of school. how can i help her?

i am worried of her condition and i want her to enjoy school. she told me she is afraid of everything at the school. i guess it is because she is surrounded by stranger and the environment is new to her.

can you guide me how to do eft on her? because i've tried for so many days and it doesn't seems to work.

thank you so much for your attention.

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Feb 09, 2013
Doing EFT On How We See Our Child's Problem
by: Eloisa Ramos, EFT Master

From my personal experience with our four children, the best way I have found to help them, and particularly if they are very young, is to tap on ourselves first. The way we are seeing the problem in our child is the "problem" that we need to tap on first. What are your own fears and reactions to your child's difficulties?

Children are very connected to their loved ones and energetically react to how their loved ones are feeling and believing a situation is, subconsciously of course. My recommendation is that you tap on yourself for what you are seeing as the problem with your child.

You need to connect to your own doubts and fears about having your child away from you. How do you react, any guilt? Examine how you are judging her reactions to school? What are your beliefs and experiences with school and about the world in general. Is the world a dangerous place? Is your child capable of working through new situations? Were you capable? Any traumatic or fearful experiences for you or your child's father or brothers or sisters in school? How do you feel when you see your daughter having such a difficult time adjusting?

The answers to these questions need to be addressed and tapped on for yourself. You will find that once you clear yourself of your own emotional reactions that the situation is bringing up (and the reactions of others close to her) you will see a difference in the experience your child is having.


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