How many EFT Sessions in One Day?

by Michael Braswell
(Kodak, TN )

I have about 4 things that I need to do eft on. Can I do them one after the other, or is it necessary to wait a day between?

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Apr 08, 2020
Number of Sessions in One Day
by: Eloisa Ramos

EFT can be practiced on as many issues as you feel up to. There is no way to accurately estimate how complex an issue will be up front. We begin with what we consciously are aware of as the problem but the number of layers or aspects it has is revealed as we tap and release one layer at a time, to then notice there is more that comes up to release and tap on, or nothing left, 0 intensity.

We are pulling from the unconscious the roots or layers of the issue and sometimes, the releasing will have the effect of shifting the nervous system from stress to regeneration and that means we will feel tired after releasing the issue or an aspect of it. We then may want to rest and not continue with more issues for that day.

You will have to decide in the moment as to whether you are up to releasing more at that time. Depending on the issues, yes, 4 issues can be released in one day or maybe just one part of a complex issue.

Sometimes only parts of the issue show up and then we find other parts showing up days, weeks, even years later, depending on how deep and prevalent the pattern, belief, problem is. It varies.

Some issues are like a piece of ice floating on the Arctic Sea and easy and quickly released, some are like the tip of the iceberg where we only see the top until we go below the surface.

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