Social Anxiety and EFT

Can you please let me know how i can resolve social anxiety. I mean the steps and please provide some examples on how to do it.
I'l be very very grateful

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Jan 02, 2016
Response to Social Anxiety
by: Eloisa

It is not possible for me to give you steps to resolving your social anxiety. EFT does not have protocols set up to deal with each particular type of problem. I can give you suggestions and guidelines since each person develops their issue through individual experiences and beliefs about themselves and others.

What I can tell you from working with three different clients with social anxiety is that it started with one or more traumatic experience/s in their past.

One was intimidated and pushed against the wall by kids in his high school who he considered friends.

Another had just moved to another high school where the girls there made fun of her and played mean tricks on her.

The third had experienced kids laughing at her when she had gone up to the front of the classroom and was really nervous about giving a presentation.

They all felt they were no longer safe around their peers.

So, look for those events in the past where the social anxiety started and tap thoroughly on all the emotions in each memory to release the stuck fear, shame, embarrassment, distrust, fear of death , etc. whatever feelings and emotions that you find that are connected to the memory/ies of these events need releasing with the tapping.

These events and memories represent beliefs about yourself and will be suggesting that you are something that is vulnerable and weak and that can be hurt and die. This is contrary to spiritual truth which says, we are created as spirit, not body, and therefore, are eternal and cannot be hurt and die.

The tapping will help release the stuck emotions so your mind can see that what was feeling unsafe and threatened in social situations was not your true Self, it will let go of the fear and the anxiety.

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