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Tell the Story Technique - Can't remember the conversation or emotions

I have been doing a lot of Tell the story Technique on my own. There are some movies that may be quite relevant but I cannot remember what that person

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Can't lose weight

I've been trying to lose weight for years, but I can't keep it down. I now need to lose weight before surgery on my knees. what can I do?

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Dealing with Chronic Pain

Greetings Eloise, My name is Nalani and I am dealing with a serious right foot chronic pain issue (left foot numbness) related to a childhood spinal surgery,

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The Turtle

My parents married young, had children right away. I was the oldest, my sister came 2.5 years later and my next sister 10 months after her. the third

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Eloisa Ramos Media Communication

Want more talks featuring Eloisa Ramos media communication? Links to interviews and her EFT Radio OnlineProgram are here.This is the place.

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Kindle Version: $4.99

"I bought a copy of your book... I just wanted to say thank you for writing it. I was pretty desperate to feel better physically and emotionally when I got it, and since, I've experienced profound emotional healing. Thank you for giving me the healing messages I needed to hear, like a kind, loving mother."

by Ilona Z.

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